How To Write Good Sales Copy

Sales copy, as the saying goes, is basically salesmanship in print. The aim of sales copy is to sell. So how do you write good sales copy? How To Write Good Sales Copy There’s a great deal that can be said about what constitutes good sales copy versus bad. In terms of content, writing style, […]

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The Top Five Reasons eBay Sellers Fail

This is Part Eight of a series of articles entitled “Launch Your Own eBay Store”. In this final article in the series, Skip McGrath discusses the top five most common reasons that eBay sellers fail. The Top Five Reasons eBay Sellers Fail Building an eBay business is in many ways similar to building any business. […]

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Should I Start A Blog?

Many people ask if they should start a blog when they are launching their own business. Especially if it’s an online business, people wonder whether they should also start a blog. Blogging can be fun and enjoyable, especially if you like writing. Some people recommend taking up blogging as a kind of personal accountability or […]

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Why You Need To Build An Email List

Many businesses still don’t understand why you need to build an email list. The answer is simple. Email yields far more sales than a website by itself.   Why You Need To Build an Email List As the saying goes, “the money is in the list”. Yet too many website owners fail to build an […]

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How to Handle The Summer Slowdown on eBay

Here are some tips for cutting your eBay fees and expenses during the annual summer slowdown It’s not new. The summer slowdown comes around every summer. The weather is better, parents and teens are focusing on graduation, people are spending more time in their gardens and in general there are more things pulling people away […]

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My Sales Copywriting Research Checklist

The process of writing sales copy is very different to that used for writing ordinary blog or website content. And one of the biggest differences between ordinary content and sales copy is the amount of research involved. Before you even start writing the copy, before you even think about headlines or sub-headlines, you need to […]

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